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Beyond Brisbane Web Design - What is a Digital Agency Anyway?

New Business Media (NBM) is a full service digital agency which in essence means we are sure to have experience in creating a custom digital solution that will meet your needs, whatever your needs may be. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the different services that NBM offer in detail, outlining the importance of each of the services and hopefully you'll see why entrusting such services to experts is essential to the long term success of your web presence. The topics covered will include:

  • Online Stores and Responsive Mobile Designs
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Today we're looking at Online or eCommerce Stores and Responsive Mobile Designs as services offered by New Business Media.

Ecommerce Website Specialists 

Online Stores – NBM have extensive experience and expertise in creating commercially focused eCommerce websites for a range of online businesses. Hiring a digital agency that knows from experience what makes an effective and successful online store is a crucial first step in creating a platform for your customers to find and buy from you online.


Buy Fruit - Brisbane Ecommerce Web Design


Buy Fruit: Innovative eCommerce solutions combined with community integration make this site a hub for Queenslanders looking to stock their fruit bowl from the comfort of their own home. Social media integration and responsive design is the cherry on top. 

Rugs A Million - NBM Ecommerce Web Design


Rugs A Million : NBM answered the call with this modern design, including a massive online store offering hundreds of rugs for sale online, as well as daily deals, special offers and a specialized search function to ensure customers can find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

                                                                                                Filter Tech - Responsive Web Design Service

Filter Tech: Catering to a range of clients from different industries means that this eCommerce store had to be highly customized to allow for a range of price, product and other variances. Also featuring in-depth technical data and specialized industry information, Filtertech Australia has it covered when it comes to the sale and supply of filtration products online.

Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Mobile Designs – conversion rates for ecommerce sites on mobile and tablet devices almost doubled from 5.42% and 5.95 % in January 2012 to 10.44% and 10.58% in January 2013* (interestingly referrals from social media marketing account for a growing 3% of ecommerce conversions). What this means is that if you thought nothing would be used to access the internet more frequently than a laptop or desktop computer it’s time to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong.

Mobile and tablets are here to stay and if your website is not responsive you could lose many potential customers who simply can’t access the information, goods or services they are seeking.

The internet trend prediction of Mary Meker made in 2008 that mobile and tablets accessing the internet would surpass desktops and laptops by 2014 may not have been too far from the money.

All new website design, development and redesign entrusted to NBM are built to respond to the size of the display visitors are using, no matter how big or small. Using responsive technology to adjust the way your website is displayed on different devices means that only one website needs to be updated and maintained and that your message, goods and services are accessible to every visitor that arrives on your site, no matter what device they used to get there.

*Source – Smart In sights: Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013

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